Saturday, October 13, 2012

Was Obama “too polite”? (9_9)*

By Margaret Curtis, PhD

Following his debate debacle, President Obama said he was “too polite” in his responses to Mitt Romney. Furthermore, Obama promised that “Joe will be Joe” Biden when debating Paul Ryan. Obama’s idea of manners thus comes before us for evaluation.

Who knew that keeping one’s head down and glued to a lectern shows “good manners” when performing for the American public? Maybe this debate should have occurred in a foreign country, some place like Saudia Arabia, maybe, where Obama also bowed his head? (9_9)

But, on that famous occasion, Obama met the King of Saudia Arabia. So, is Obama now showing us that he believes Romney has already won the election, and deserves to be treated like a monarch? Or did Obama assume Romney would bow to him?

Bad news either way: The US has been a democracy since George Washington made his own “tough decision.” America’s first president enjoyed the opportunity to become the first King of America. History buffs know he turned it down. Is History still being taught in the USA? (9_9)

Does Obama now claim his background includes a degree in  etiquette, too? Did Obama learn his concept of manners at Harvard? But, if he did, how could Romney go so far astray from a culture which requires bowing and scraping before the Commander-in-Chief? (9_9)

This must be another lesson in lifelong learning. On the other hand, maybe Obama could run for King of Chicago? Biden could run for King of Philadelphia, where Rizzo’s associates could crown him in a celebration of Love and Brotherhood. And Queen Elizabeth could tutor Obama in manners before the next debate.

* Readers of this column will recognize the emoticon for rolling eyes.      

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  1. MANNERS MY FOOT; PRESIDENT OBAMA LOST THE FIRST DEBATE & JOE BIDEN IS AN IDIOT; A SMILING SNICKERING IDIOT. I am no fan of ROMNEY/RYAN either, for me voting will boil down to the lesser of the 2 evils, in other words the fool you know who is in office or the one you don't know who wants the office. OBAMA; ROMNEY & the entire crowd need to BOW TO THE AMERICAN WORKING PUBLIC, and stop telling us what they think we want to hear!