Thursday, October 11, 2012

Debaters, Do the Math!

By Margaret Curtis, PhD

The democrat candidates have touted their prep time for these debates. Obama said he spared himself three days for his countdown. Biden announced he would save six days to clean up after the head of the democrat party. Would somebody please inform these participants: This debate is not about three or six days. It’s about the last four years--and the next!

Photos now show Ryan working out. They also show fans wiping Romney’s brow for him. Please note: Fans do not even wipe the brow of Lindsay Lohan. Get the picture?

As it stands, the media treats the entire series of debates as a media event, another entry in the competition for ratings. They’re more than the media can completely control, however. They come as close to old-fashioned live television as the twenty-first century can offer. Zingers count. Mistakes count. Sweat counts. Let’s see if the candidates can? 

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