Thursday, October 11, 2012

The VP Debate: A Free-For-All?

By Margaret Curtis, PhD

Let's see what Catholics believe before we worry about the VP Debate moderator testing their faith in God, country, and the election. According to Matthew Archbold, writing for the Catholic Exchange, "Catholic" Theologians Blast Bishops for Opposing Gay "Marriage." That is the title of his review of the Daily Beast's handling of those subjects known to test voters across the board: homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and abortion. 


Matthew Archbold smiles in the photograph appearing above his words. Let's see how long Biden and Ryan keep smiling when those topics crop up on the talking points list Thursday night. Archbold characterizes the debate among Catholics on these matters as causing a "schism." So, to which Catholics will the moderator be talking, and which Catholics are expected by which party to endorse which candidate for which position?

The same challenge arises with a number of mainstream Christian churches, which seem busy redoing the Reformation, when the question of power's origin within the church tore Europe apart. The role of the bible, authority within the church hierarchy, and relationships among clergy and the faithful: If two Catholics can agree on these conflicts, they've earned their bread tonight. If not, next time both parties can call on the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury to moderate the free-for-all. 

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