Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remember MALALA!

by Margaret Curtis, PhD

“The Destroyers shall be destroyed.” This promise occurs in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Revelation. Those who attacked a 14 year-old girl would do well to tend to their reading and writing. This Pakistani young woman pursued education while the Taliban pursued the manufacture of rubble.

Ever since the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas—which were not theirs to destroy—the world has accumulated evidence of their true purpose: to destroy history in all its forms.  Writing begets reading. Art creates cultural artifacts which record humanity’s values and yearnings.

What has the Taliban ever done except to dictate beards, veils, and bombs? To step between a mother and her children, so they may not even see her face in public? To make men appear old before their time and attempt to intimidate children? This reader and writer stood her ground, so they shot her.

Now, CNN reports that she has survived, and the people of Pakistan embrace her. See what the destroyers have created now? She could have been a martyr, if they had accomplished their goal to silence her. But now, they have made her a living icon, a face flashed where they dare not go.

So, the Bible proves correct, and the forces of good have turned evil into another Bible verse: “And a little child shall lead them.” And the destroyers shall find need to remember this verse, too: “Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.” 

Surrender, Taliban.

The power of pitiful pathetic puerile plotters proves temporary, but the power of icons mocks those who would destroy them. Now her audience expands across the globe. May mothers and fathers rush to children’s desks, and whisper: “Here is your future. Forget night terrors. Remember MALALA.”

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