Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Ignorant Folks" and Wiretapping Laws in the US

"Ignorant Folks" and Wiretapping Laws in the US 
(9_ 9) A New Rolling Eyes Column!

by Meg Sonata

In all disputes concerning recorded conversations, where are the legal statements from lawyers regarding federal and state regulations on wiretapping? The following website offers an overview and sources for "ignorant folks who want to advertise their ignorance," as highlighted by CNN in its lead story this morning: 

This website may prove invaluable because it offers links to states' laws, too. 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Should Jeb Bush Run for President?

How about Jeb Bush taking up painting? In just two years, his brother has progressed from painting himself in a bathtub--which is better than painting himself into a corner. In his case, that corner was Iraq, and this country doesn't need another country on our "To Re-Do" list--or our Bucket List--or our "They-love-us-until-we-help-them-and-then-they-hate-us" list.

Since George Bush is painting world leaders now, how about Jeb painting a series of American leaders? He could start with mayors and progress to governors. Since that list is ungovernable, he could shorten it to a series of governors NOT running for president. There you go, Jeb! What better way for a Bush to be America's favorite un-president? 

America has enjoyed its share of Bushes and presidents from Texas and elections from Florida. How about returning to reality--like a president from Alaska, which would break the mold of dynastic and imperialistic US leaders! Yes, one woman knew where Russia is, and she alerted the US to the Russian bear on the prowl. Why didn't more voters listen?

Can this country vote for a leader based on their knowledge and intelligence, instead of demeaning any candidate who speaks his/her mind? The temptation to make history, instead of sense, plagues America now, worse than bird flu or the Ebola virus. Let Americans think for themselves, and be brave enough to see what happens. How's that for a campaign slogan?

Until the 2014 and 2016 elections arrive, can America even imagine a future when legislators would tend to their responsibilities, instead of campaign fund raising? When they would take out their calculators while planning budgets, and actually read bills before voting them into law? Can they set an example for US students in math and reading? Well, since we're Americans, we can always dream. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pat Buchanan Lets His Arrow Fly

On this Sunday morning, be sure to listen to Pat Buchanan's sermon on the practical implications of holding fast to traditional Christian virtues. Like an arrow---->
----> Buchanan's geopolitical analysis flies to the heart of rivalry between global powers. 

Watch out when Russia and Islam agree that the West sides with Satan. That is my point, not Buchanan's, but, numerically and geographically, it is equally significant. Putin's stand against immorality may tamp down Muslim unrest in countries which once formed part of the USSR. If they have to choose between attacking Satan or Russia, which will they pick? 

In this context, it is worth taking a good look at George Bush's portrait of Putin at Do you see any trouble with Putin's eyes? Cold and merciless, yes. Glasses needed? No. Like a monocle, shadow outlines that right eye--which focuses on the future like a glittering firefly. 

While the West jokes about tolerating lies and escalating debts, do you see any humor in Putin's face? Do you see him planning an appearance on the Late Night with Jimmie Fallon show? Is he portrayed with his golf bag hooked over his shoulder, or with his wife and daughters spending millions in China? 

How can the West counter a cold-hearted realist who chooses Christianity as his flag ship in international diplomacy? Who offers Crimea a vote on their mother ship? Who offers Edward Snowden sanctuary in the practice of free speech? What does the US do with a rival who competes with America at being the legendary America?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

America: A Nation of Ninnies? A New Rolling Eyes Column! ((0) (0))

At 4:13 am on April 2, 2014, America's challenges seem obvious--and, as much as I hate to yank credit, they aren't Obama's fault. Is he responsible for a TV commercial which runs nightly, claiming that everybody's talking about No-No, a hair-removal device? Did he personally orchestrate another TV commercial which claims that everybody's happier with a tan? No, no!

Does anybody in his right mind believe these claims? Not one of my neighbors rushes at me to exclaim over No-No. As a fair-skinned American, I blanch at the insistence that I need a tan. Tanning machines offer a prescription for skin cancer for Casper the Ghost and his relatives. Yet these demands keep pouring at America's night-owls--and pouring out of our media into the world--and nobody objects.

Meanwhile, the search for MH370 concerns security analysts worldwide. Earthquakes threaten California and Chile. Cancer patients may not know whether Obamacare gives them health insurance or not. And--the kicker!--Americans know more about energy supplies in the Ukraine than they do in their own states. Just dive into research on energy suppliers and distributers in the US, if you're very, very brave.

Since when have we, as a nation, accepted outright nonsense as our nightly fare? Since when do we pay more attention to body hair and a "glowing" tan than we do to the power that keeps that TV running and the heat on during a savage winter? As the Arctic vortex eases, can we expect US citizens to walk out of their insulated caves like sleepy bears, and shriek: "Yikes! What's happening?"

Here's a newsflash if we need one: That savage winter has drained US energy sources, and sent fuel bills sky-high! Just call your energy company for the real scoop because you won't find it on the media. And here's the devil in the details: No amount of body hair has been keeping us warm this winter. Tans won't accomplish that miracle, either. Require relevant information from the media because hairless amoebas enjoy very short lives.