Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Should Jeb Bush Run for President?

How about Jeb Bush taking up painting? In just two years, his brother has progressed from painting himself in a bathtub--which is better than painting himself into a corner. In his case, that corner was Iraq, and this country doesn't need another country on our "To Re-Do" list--or our Bucket List--or our "They-love-us-until-we-help-them-and-then-they-hate-us" list.

Since George Bush is painting world leaders now, how about Jeb painting a series of American leaders? He could start with mayors and progress to governors. Since that list is ungovernable, he could shorten it to a series of governors NOT running for president. There you go, Jeb! What better way for a Bush to be America's favorite un-president? 

America has enjoyed its share of Bushes and presidents from Texas and elections from Florida. How about returning to reality--like a president from Alaska, which would break the mold of dynastic and imperialistic US leaders! Yes, one woman knew where Russia is, and she alerted the US to the Russian bear on the prowl. Why didn't more voters listen?

Can this country vote for a leader based on their knowledge and intelligence, instead of demeaning any candidate who speaks his/her mind? The temptation to make history, instead of sense, plagues America now, worse than bird flu or the Ebola virus. Let Americans think for themselves, and be brave enough to see what happens. How's that for a campaign slogan?

Until the 2014 and 2016 elections arrive, can America even imagine a future when legislators would tend to their responsibilities, instead of campaign fund raising? When they would take out their calculators while planning budgets, and actually read bills before voting them into law? Can they set an example for US students in math and reading? Well, since we're Americans, we can always dream. 

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