Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pat Buchanan Lets His Arrow Fly

On this Sunday morning, be sure to listen to Pat Buchanan's sermon on the practical implications of holding fast to traditional Christian virtues. Like an arrow---->
----> Buchanan's geopolitical analysis flies to the heart of rivalry between global powers. 

Watch out when Russia and Islam agree that the West sides with Satan. That is my point, not Buchanan's, but, numerically and geographically, it is equally significant. Putin's stand against immorality may tamp down Muslim unrest in countries which once formed part of the USSR. If they have to choose between attacking Satan or Russia, which will they pick? 

In this context, it is worth taking a good look at George Bush's portrait of Putin at Do you see any trouble with Putin's eyes? Cold and merciless, yes. Glasses needed? No. Like a monocle, shadow outlines that right eye--which focuses on the future like a glittering firefly. 

While the West jokes about tolerating lies and escalating debts, do you see any humor in Putin's face? Do you see him planning an appearance on the Late Night with Jimmie Fallon show? Is he portrayed with his golf bag hooked over his shoulder, or with his wife and daughters spending millions in China? 

How can the West counter a cold-hearted realist who chooses Christianity as his flag ship in international diplomacy? Who offers Crimea a vote on their mother ship? Who offers Edward Snowden sanctuary in the practice of free speech? What does the US do with a rival who competes with America at being the legendary America?

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