Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baumgartner leapt ahead--Obama didn’t. (9_9)*

By Margaret Curtis, PhD

Does anybody doubt that Baumgartner made that record-breaking leap today? Of course, no doubt, on Tuesday, Obama may contend again that “somebody else did that.” Good luck, Barack! That leap has already gone viral on YouTube, and the democrat candidate wasn’t the one in the parachute. (9_9)

And, yes, others helped Baumgartner achieve his goal, but have any of them claimed credit for another man’s daring-do? Not yet, Barack. Does the democrat candidate have the nerve to say to Baumgartner’s face: “You didn’t do that.”? (9_9)

This writer wouldn’t have the audacity to make that claim to Tiger Woods, either, or John Glenn, Mohammed Ali, Johnny Carson, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington. At attitude like that shows when a man is against the ropes—and he faces real “leadership.” (9_9)

* Readers of this column will recognize the emoticon for rolling eyes.   

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