Monday, September 16, 2013

Ziva David, Where Are You?

This morning's shootings at the Naval Yard in Washington, DC, call attention to the departure of the character Ziva David from NCIS. The show's audience can easily imagine the drama inside the Naval Yard from numerous scenes where special NCIS agents search for suspects, scooting along hallways, their profiled bodies acting in concert like an ensemble of ballet dancers—with Ziva David in the lead, her courage and aim leading the charge. When this episode from the news hits the series, let's hope that the show, as well as its source, has found a worthy replacement. Who could that be? Sometimes reality is too much like fiction now. Gibbs always lauded this recruit to NCIS. He was hardly alone. Well, she hasn't exited from the show YET. Putin may ridicule events at the Naval Yard for demonstrating that the US is NOT "exceptional." Ziva David's fans would argue that their favorite champion of American justice IS EXCEPTIONAL every time she appears. Stay tuned. This episode began at 8:20 EST this morning. It's only 1:59 EST now. 

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