Saturday, September 14, 2013

Going Rogue Not Easy Now in America

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When Senator McCain announced his desire to write a column for Pravda, I nearly fainted. Okay, so Vladimir Putin is not content with big game hunting. He's set his eyes on Hemingway's prize: the Nobel. I'm sure glad that word is not spelled "Noble." Then, Putin would have to put on this big show, roll his eyes, and wink. ;-) Nobility isn't allowed in the Land of Brothers, which seems to be where we are now in America—brothers with everybody, so long as it isn't the original rogue.

McCain's chance to write a column for Pravda terrified me: He would tell everybody what he was really thinking—and then where would we be? He remembers that spurned subject: History. He'd start rolling down the list of events that propagandists have wiped off their hard drives' memories: the Cold War, the Vietnam War, American MIAs, Jane Fonda, and that little kink in the Brothers' story: the KGB. The good senator's possible international writing career must have scared DC, too.

This morning—Whoop!--all problems solved! Kerry and his Russian counterparts have agreed: Syria's no longer a problem. So, Americans are left with Sarah Palin: the one good girl that democrats can't stand. She isn't a frumpy fake blonde with a philandering husband. She governed ALASKA, home of grizzlies, a unique bull moose population, and OIL AND GAS RESERVES. Time to pull out that pen, Sarah. Putin hasn't hunted bull goose loonies in America—YET. 


  1. I wouldn't say we on the left can't stand the hilarious half-term half-wit. We wish she were more around. She is a fountain of amusement.

  2. Right! Since when did you govern ALASKA? Thanks for following me, dem. When you can write a whole column on anything, I may begin to take your comments seriously.