Monday, September 16, 2013

Social Media Policies: Not a Funny Joke

Recent statements of social media policies which appear here ( assume that the media are objective, and have the public's interest at heart, but is this assumption true and demonstrable?

What media with the public's interest in mind would keep celebrating Hollywood's celebrities?

What purpose do reports of celebrities' arrests, divorces, extended wardrobes, make-up decisions, hair-style changes, and flirtations serve other than public relations to support celebrities' careers?

What purpose do reports of celebrities' drug problems, alcoholism, addictions, mental illness, and their children's drug problems, alcoholism, addictions, and mental illness serve other than to suggest the public's children follow suit?

Certainly, every celebrity does not need to be a model of decorum, with cameras catching them attending parent-teacher meetings and cutting their grass while wearing full-length jumpsuits. Nevertheless, it would be a relief to see the media TCB, instead of hyping the next movie. 

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