Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tigers, Twitting, and Cultural Exchanges

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Recent events trigger exciting possibilities of more cultural exchanges between Russia and the US. Soon, will we be able to read Vlad the Wicked Pen's take on what to wear—or not—while twerking? Russia probably has its own experts on which is worse—winter in Siberia or Buffalo, NY. And what exactly is the Russian diet, aside from borscht? Can we replace videos of Obama's golf swings with Vlad's performances in arm-wrestling and tiger-taming? And, so long as Edward Snowden has absconded to Russia, could we have Garry Casparov in return?

Maybe Putin and John McCain have discovered the perfect solution to international crises. When the political weather gets too hot in one region, just chopper in and switch leaders. That will teach the local population to complain. Try explaining jury trials to a citizen of a dictatorship. Or try justifying lobby groups to leaders whose population dies off by the millions for lack of food. The intellectual challenges alone might set whole new standards in education and research. Tendencies toward isolationalism and Tea Party Hats would be nipped by the proverbial Buddy System.

Meanwhile, check out Garry Casparov's availability for speeches and exhibitions worldwide. Maybe he would agree to stay in the US? From Twitter, Casparov has twitted Putin for daring to discover God, among other extraordinary claims. Casparov's official website notes the launch of the Casparov Chess Federation in New York City in 2002—as well as its contributions to curricula. More than once, this chess champion has played the best computers to a draw. He has also launched a political career. Interested parties may contact Casparov at

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