Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Most Obnoxious Ad on TV

The Most Obnoxious Ad on TV

By Dr. Meg

The competition for this award is fierce, but the winner is the current advertisement for KFC’s Festive Feast, a large bucket of fried chicken, which the ad demonstrates will rescue men from the stupid chatter of women and children throughout the holidays.

The film shows women shrieking and hooting with laughter, as if that act, all by itself, was the most annoying behavior in the world, not counting mass murders in Syria, as well as genocides around the globe. This ad makes the assumption that Daddy, not Mommy, will stop for fried chicken on the way home from work, so they can silence anything they don’t want to hear at home.

Note: Any adult who expects people in general to say only what s/he wants to hear needs serious help, and s/he won’t find it at home from people whose lives are just as complicated as the food provider’s. That same individual won’t find that surcease from talk at work, either, where communication is the ORDER of each and every day.

The second episode in the film shows children yakking up a storm, too, as they compete with claims of “You did! I didn’t!” as siblings, cousins, and visitors at the holidays inevitably will. In both cases, the man in the middle of the dialogue shuts up the talkers with portions of fried chicken, which, last this writer knew, were NOT on Michelle Obama’s list of preferred cuisine.

So, if you support overfed, stifled families, whose men would rather do anything in the world rather than share conversation with them, you will find this advertisement a guide to happy family life. But, if you hope that men and women will both talk to each other, as well as their kids, who may turn into druggies while waiting for words of wisdom, then get a salad instead.

Everybody in the grouping can add his/her/their favorite ingredients, instead of griping: Why do adults always expect us to talk to them when they won’t—come hell or high water—talk to us? 

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