Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is China Inviting Immigration?

Is China Inviting Immigration?

By Dr. Meg

While Americans argue over Obamacare, Social Security, 

and immigration policies, Chinese officials are publicly 

addressing the same subjects. The following story in 

China Daily on 121212 announces new rights for 

permanent residents in China, as well as suggesting that 

more benefits may be on the way:
“Foreigners to get key rights,” by Chen Xin, states: “Foreigners who obtain permanent residency will have the same pension, employment and property rights as Chinese citizens, under new regulations announced on Tuesday.
Access to schools for their children will also be on par with Chinese citizens[,] the rules endorsed by central government departments in September state.”
This article concludes with the most tantalizing comments of all:
'If a green card does not bring other basic rights such as employment, pension and children's education, it will not be attractive and will not help introduce global talent,' he said. 'The new regulation will help foreigners have a sense of security….
'Now they can obtain economic and social rights as Chinese citizens do[;] they may ask for political rights if they live in the country for long,' Liu [Liu Guofu, an immigration law specialist at the Beijing Institute of Technology] said.”
The key words here may be “global talent.” If Americans assume they monopolize the international talent pool in technology, or on any other front, they now know that Chinese officials share no such assumption. Indeed, they appear willing to negotiate on the international scene for the best and the brightest.
The final comments in this article would shock Richard Nixon right out of his Watergate blues. What did he start, with his insistence on opening China to the world—and where will it end? 
The American educational systems are in turmoil, too, and nobody is paying more attention to uproars in the United States, it appears, than people half way across the globe, who may spend more time catching up with the American media than US citizens do. Of course, rules are one matter. Invitations are another. 

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