Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Maybe DC Watches Too Much TV?

Drama Queens dominate the budget scandal in Washington, DC. Just as a solution from the House emerges, the Senate has to shoot it down. Does anyone remember how the US got into the budget mess? Weren't those famous last words concerning the Affordable Care Act "Just pass it. You can read it later"?

Now, any high school graduate knows very well the cardinal rule before signing any document: "Read it first. Ask questions NOW, not later. Be sure you understand every single word before adding your signature." May we assume that every member of the Obama administration and Congress, too, had those words poured into them long before they attended law school?

May we assume that they also reviewed this rule like the bible in the law schools they attended? How is it then these legal geniuses disobeyed this rule from the get-go with the Affordable Care Act? Do these lawyers now need their own lawyers to explain how to protect themselves, as well as their clients, the American people, from charges of legal malpractice?

But, if they had obeyed this cardinal rule, what opportunities they would have missed! The leaders of both chambers would have had no reason to pontificate before the country. They would not have scored acting points with Hollywood for demonstrating outrage, worry, bafflement, loyalty, and every other emotion meant to charge the country's batteries for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

And Obama, the star of Hollywood's parties, would not have been able to demonstrate his highly mobile face, grimacing with indignation, raising his eyes in hope, and channeling the fury he hopes to whoop-up in his lobby groups. The solution for Number 1 and all his kin is to be sent to their rooms with no TV until they stop acting like spoiled TV stars and begin performing their duties.

Maybe with no TV on their schedules, they will have time to read legislation before they pass it?  

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  1. Where did you get the idea that nobody read the Affordable Care Act before they passed it? The Supreme Court surely read it carefully before they decided it was Constitutional. If you are going to lambast President Obama about something, you have picked a false issue.