Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cats and Angel Hair: A Perfect Match

Cats can benefit from a Mediterranean diet, too. 

If your cats are exploring your garbage disposal, eating your angora sweaters and turning your doorknobs—just when you need to keep them inside or outside—they may need spaghetti. 

First, if they enjoy noise makers, shake-rattle-n-roll that Angel Hair container the next time you prepare a spaghetti dinner. See if they don't come running. If they do, you've just discovered a new sure-fire way to get them to line up and pay attention.

Now, you get to decide if you will share this information with dog fans who insist that cats can't be trained. Cats are amenable to training but only if you think like a cat. In addition, of course, cats are not only curious but skeptical and analytical.

If you're grinning like a Cheshire cat at this information, you're half way home to solving feline-human conflicts. Give them sounds and textures they appreciate, and they'll love you forever. Take those away, and they'll hunt them from floor to ceiling.

Offer just one long strand of dry Angel Hair at first. If they grab for it, you've already won the game. But, just for fun, grab it away. That's what they would do, so go for it. They'll chew it, drop it, and chase it. Angel hair makes cats into angels every time. 

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