Thursday, May 16, 2013

White House Scandals: Oedipus and Obama

White House Scandals: Oedipus and Obama

by Meg Curtis, PhD

As scandals unroll faster than whiplash, the immortal words of Sophocles come to life in blazing color on TV and the internet: "The truth will set you free." So, now the victims of persecution may celebrate release from the aspersions cast upon them: Conservatives in all their glorious diversity can now point to the leader of the charge to cancel their impact on the 2012 election in America.

As Maureen Dowd observed about George W. Bush, sons and fathers play a critical role in presidential drama. W went to Baghdad, as his daddy never did. Obama also played upon "dreams from my father" as he campaigned relentlessly to become the leader of the Free World. But that allusive phrase points to another father, the father of the US Civil Rights movement in the sixties.

How would Martin Luther King, Jr., now feel to see the man who aspired to carry his legacy under suspicion for "the quality of his character"? The IRS has admitted targeting conservatives as they sought tax exemption status even as the IRS facilitated the same status for liberals who backed the "appropriate" candidates with their political organizations, including Obama's half brother.

Obama himself introduced the word "son" into this context. He chose to identify Travon Martin as a young man who might have been "my son." This extraordinary honor Obama never conveyed upon the four white men who died at Benghazi. Neither did he identify a single veteran from the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as rising to worthiness of being related to the US Commander-in-Chief.

Investigators need look no farther for "leadership" in the campaign to deprive conservatives of their civil rights. Like Oedipus, Obama may claim that he did not know who destroyed the legacy of MLK, Jr., his spiritual father in American politics. A man looking for himself may suffer considerable blindness. The question will always be: Is Lady Justice blind in America, too?

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