Friday, May 17, 2013

House Hearings: Send in the Therapists

House Hearings: Send in the Therapists

by Meg Curtis, PhD

Following a national trend, would it be premature to send in the therapists now? If House hearings on the IRS scandal continue for long, how many citizens are going to suffer nervous breakdowns from an overload of information? Accustomed to sound bites, the nation sits before a smorgasbord of political chicanery so devastating, we may never be able to refer to the American Dream again.

This is the American nightmare: to hear our tax system scrutinized in public, with not even a commercial restoring happy campers. Does the public recall our Constitution is based on private property rights—and these are not dirty words, but the words coming out of the hearings are. How many times can viewers hear "I dunno" before viewers turn off the show to keep their sanity?

And this is the real danger: that we will send in the therapists before the real pain begins. If this country can absorb endless bouts of bloodletting and surgery in ER, House, and NCIS, it shall withstand the awful revelations which are beginning: This is Your Life, American Tax Payer: If your ideas are "inappropriate," you get to do it all again and again with the help of your IRS aparatchik.

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