Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan: Reformer

By Meg Curtis, PhD

Representative Ryan of Wisconsin hits the national campaign as a Congressional force. With seven terms in the House—and an eighth underway—he can be expected to give Vice President Biden a run for a gaffe-free debate. As Mitt Romney’s choice for Vice President, Ryan offers expertise in rhetoric, budget reform, and sportsmanship, too.

This prophetic article from The Wall Street Journal asked the key question:  “Why Not Paul Ryan?” http://online.wsj. com/article/SB10000872396390 443404004577577190186374230.html

According to this opinion piece, Ryan raises the specter of that Republican favorite in an updated version: “As important, Mr. Ryan can make his case in a reasonable and unthreatening way. He doesn't get mad, or at least he doesn't show it. Like Reagan, he has a basic cheerfulness and Midwestern equanimity.”

Democrats may run from Ryan’s assault on entitlements, but, as Joe Louis famously said: “They can’t hide.” Future generations cannot keep paying down the road for fiscal irresponsibility now. As famous for his athleticism as his budget-cutting, Congressman Paul Ryan brings a breath of fresh air to the muggy swamp of Foggy Bottom, which even air-conditioning won’t cure.

At last, can the nation get to the big issues which demand voters’ attention? Without a strong national economy, America is going in only one direction—down. All the other issues—including military strength, immigration policy and education reform—depend on this country’s financial stability and progress. Paul Ryan has attacked these issues for seven terms in the House. It is time for all the candidates to attack them, too, instead of each other. 

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