Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sara Ganim: Journalist Extraordinaire

by Meg Curtis

This young woman raises the kind of questions which politicians REALLY hate to answer in the Rose Garden or anywhere. First, why did it take a female to get the job done? The Sandusky scandal had been prowling around Penn State since at least 1998. Second, does her age make a critical difference? Could it be that it took an extraordinary beginner--unfazed by excuses--to root out evil in Happy Valley?

Psychologists can argue about the difference between male and female thinking from now until Kingdom Come. Still, it is a fact: 24 is the age of a female who can--at any moment--become a mother--and look back upon that development for the rest of her life. The simple fact of motherhood will change her forever. At 24, an intelligent young woman must realize her choices cannot be taken back, if she is to have a career.

Furthermore, to read her reports is to appreciate the restraint which does NOT characterize what passes for everyday journalism. The curious may continue to enjoy her level-headed reports of the unspeakable here: This video reveals Ganim's capacity to quote, summarize, describe, and even flash back concisely--without blushing.

What honest mind does not blanch at the events recounted at this ongoing trial? Only the most disciplined belonging to.the quester for truth, who lets these witnesses speak for themselves the words they have held back for years, without the interruption of HER FEELINGS, HER SUSPICIONS, HER OUTRAGE, HER SENSE OF HELPLESSNESS. Warning: No helplessness will be found here.

May the courage of Sara Ganim inspire a whole new breed of American journalists. May they abandon Brangelina for the good of the country. May they forget where Lindsey Lohan has passed out and where Lady Gaga went gaga. If this development comes to pass, Americans may even yet live through the coming election--without wishing every single day that they lived in France or Borneo--anywhere except America.

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