Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trending: Women Riding to the Rescue

Trending:  Women Riding to the Rescue

By Meg Curtis

042112.  Within the past two weeks, two women have stepped into the American limelight, challenging the assumption that the rodeo stars men, and women wait quietly for trouble to begin.  In these misadventures, men have gotten themselves into trouble, it seems, and women had to step into the roles of the cavalry act.  Rodeos need the best Rough Riders they can get.      

First comes Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to sort out conflicts in the Trayvon Martin case, and send it to a grand jury, or decide charges. 

Next comes Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Paula Reid, based in Miami, who yanked Secret Service agents out of Colombia, after a fight with a prostitute foolishly went street-side. 

Both women may remind readers of their famous forerunners, who pulled pans out of the fire when things got too hot for the men to handle previously. Then, too, the cowboys had to call upon the kitchen sex to rescue them.  These legendary females include Annie Oakley, that All American Girl, and Joan of Arc.  Sometimes male historians have called the latter “crazy,”  but not when they needed her unique brand of leadership skills.    

The back-story of the Trayvon Martin case appears here: 251911/19/Prosecutor-in-Trayvon-Martin-case-wins-re-eleection .  Special celebrations are now scheduled for the Special Prosecutor who, on April 20, won re-election. 

The details of the Colombia dustup appear here; news/s_791434.html .  Special Agent in Charge Paula Reid also enjoys the reputation of a “rising star.” 

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