Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah Palin: The Carmen Sandiego Candidate

Try it for yourself.  Just type in the key words:  “Sarah Palin Memorial Day Appearances.”  At 11:13 am on May 30, 2011, 964,000 hits appeared on this writer’s computer screen.
In one fell swoop, Sarah Palin has launched her Carmen Sandiego candidacy for President of the United States. 
Critics who know nothing—and want to know even less—about Alaska may criticize her savvy in the realm of foreign affairs.  They may play tag with her on talk shows for the next 30 years.
She will still outfox them every time with her mastery of publicity, the kind of publicity which makes a name a household item more familiar than a colander or a Tea Party tea bag strainer.
According to Wikipedia, the purpose of the Carmen Sandiego game is educational.  Its true nature appears in the term "edutainment."  Enter foxy Sarah, dressed as a motorcycle babe.
Timing is all for candidates—likewise for the Carmen Sandiego game.  On the day BEFORE Memorial Day, 2011, Palin set the news media guessing where she would be—when everybody else is barbecuing.   
Every journalist wannabe knows the 5 W’s and the critical H:  Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?  Every movie fan also knows the critical scene in action films:  The Chase Scene.
So, she’s got the media—and the public—chasing her from the Rolling Thunder at the Pentagon (May 29, 2011) to Gettysburg (?) and beyond.  Her website gives out no anticipated specific dates, places, or times.   
Videos dominate  Information does not.  Jon Ward, reporting in “Sarah Palin Bus Tour Launching This Weekend On East Coast,” admitted:  “The details of where the 2008 vice presidential nominee will go remain fluid and have been closely held within Palin’s small world of trusted advisors.” 
The latest check on that website reveals only Where her tour bus has been, not Where it’s going. 
She appears to insist on being one step ahead of the media, as well as the other candidates in a strategy which takes full advantage of the public’s hunger for evolving stories.  And her game?  Every media zombie knows the answer to the first W: Who?  It’s Sarah Palin.  Once her audience sees her in one place, she’s got them hooked on the other W’s, which remain her secret. 
There's more than one game going on here, however.  Palin holds all the cards for the Why.  Is she a candidate, a publicity hound, or a hefty power broker? 
Who in the World does Sarah Palin think she is, anyway?  She just may be the only candidate in either party who realizes that video games are one of the drivers among the fastest growing industries in America.
And Who is its customer base?  The youth crowd, Obama’s former forte. 
But keep seeking the updates. Check out “IBISWorld Names Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries May 19, 2011.”  As reported on IP Communications, linked to Global Community’s Homepage: 
“Evolving Technology Biotechnology and video games are an unlikely duo, but both industries are benefiting from constantly evolving technology and product developments, like genetic engineering and 3D video games. Although each industry has taken considerable steps to cut costs in the past few years, diversified product lines and increased demand from an aging population (video games are seeing more female and older players) are key revenue drivers for both industries. Companies that stand to benefit include Syngenta (SYT), Monsanto (MON), Genentech (RHHBY) and Activision (ATVI)."
Go ahead, Democrats.  Call Sarah Palin ignorant now.  Say she isn’t a well-informed reader, too.  Why should she give you her reading list, which may supply her campaign strategy? 
Sarah Palin keeps the nation under her thumb so long as we follow her escapades.  This is the lesson she's learned from Reality TV and social media and even celebrity rags. Simultaneously, questing games channel the younger generation's attention and energy—and are expanding into women and the Baby Boomers as well. 
By 2:26 pm on Memorial Day, May 30, 2011, the number of results for entering the key words "Sarah Palin Memorial Day Appearances" had risen to 1,160,000--and counting. 

Is Sarah Palin making a play for first-time voters?  Seems so, for this was Obama's strength in the last election--but not now?  No, not now.  NOW, Sarah Palin IS THE GROWTH INDUSTRY. 

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