Friday, May 27, 2011

Looking for a President: Looks Lead the Way to 2012

Does the phrase "President Perry" light up your day?  Fox News championed this candidate by featuring his photo on May 27, 2011.  In this way, they enter the media wars on behalf of Texas, which appears to take the lead with a photogenic candidate. 

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, just looks more mature than Sarah Palin.  He is also discreet enough not to pose with a moose--so far.  Nevertheless, he hasn't angered the NRA with his stand on gun-rights, either--yet. 

Governor Perry also looks a tad younger than Mitt Romney.  He has not worn out his welcome mat with the American people by running so many times that the voters assume they know him--not.

His biggest challenge may be his forerunners, who became synonomous with the Lone Star State in recent years.  If the memory of the American public proves as shakey as reported, however, Perry may just cruise to celebrity status, like our present president.

Face it:  Rick Perry could be an alderman, an oilman, or a nincompoop.  His face still belongs on the cover of Star Magazine.  His smile beams brightly; it does not gloat.  His eyes twinkle suggestively.  They could be recognizing you, even in a crowd.

Neither does he bear the burden of Obama's ears.  Cartoonists will have a hard time turning him into the icon of Mad Magazine.  They will try, of course, but Perry's size and manner will undercut their efforts.  His stance says, "I decide." 

And his lack of wrinkles adds:  "I was right.  See?  I didn't suffer for my decisions.  In fact, I never had to say, 'I make tough decisions,'" because the character before us on that screen appears to make no other kind. 

If Perry can brush past any link with George W. Bush, he may be home free.  If he can erase any link with Lyndon Johnson, he may just be the miracle worker this nation needs. But his biggest test remains:  Can he lead a celebrity culture where no such culture has gone before?

Can he outdo Hollywood without turning gray or suffering the need to make public confessions?  Can his family and voters stand beside him without wincing?  Can he walk the walk and talk the talk the way Texans do without annoying the heck out of this country?

If Rick Perry can be both Texan and American simultaneously, he will win the battle for the presidency.  Just don't pull hound-dogs' ears, and don't lope around like a basketball player, and the democrats will expire of pure pea-green envy.     

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