Sunday, October 9, 2016

Women and Rock Stars

Ever since the sixties at least, females have been following rock stars around. The word for this phenomenon is "groupies." Elvis' fans, among others, were filmed screaming in ecstasy at the mere sight of big league male entertainers. Rumors spread of females throwing their underwear on stage in tribute to Las Vegas performances. 

Yet now when a certain candidate in the American political circus claims that "they let you do it [fill in the blank with your imagination], too," American politicos sigh to heaven as if the Virgin Mary reigned here from coast to coast, and all our citizens were modest nuns and priests. If they are, I haven't seen this propriety in the twenty-first century.

Instead, a steady parade of body parts rules the internet. Its purpose supposedly is to cast body-shaming aside forever. Right. That's why its practitioners wear nearly invisible and see-through clothes, creating a never-ending peep show of "side-boobs," "under-boobs," and cleavage to the navel before they display their "pert derrieres." 

Even as this practice by females has become common place in cyber space, males have also joined in the parade, displaying their "six-packs," "bulging biceps," and "toned thighs," because they just returned from fitness centers which they only use to prepare for the next Mr. Universe contest, and never to impress bubbly sidekicks on the internet. 
Meanwhile, an American election progresses toward decision day on November 8. The bottom line is a choice between devotion to globalism or the right to be a nation-state. Eye doctors are waiting for US citizens to schedule eye exams to ensure that we know what we are seeing and doing on that remarkably significant day. Wear your glasses, please. 

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