Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pecan Pie Pleasures: 10 Reasons to Serve Pecan Pie

  1. It's the sweetest dish that comes with its own excuse to forget about sugar because it's too sweet to believe, but 
    photo by Margaret Curtis

  2. It contains nuts, a valuable source of protein and recommended source of energy, and

  3. It may contain brown sugar, which creates the most delicious pudding from molasses;

  4. It's a Southern delicacy, so consumption counts for cultural diversity for Northern diners;

  5. It also comes in bourbon and chocolate, preventing arguments over discrimination, but

  6. It also comes in so many rich varieties that chefs may remember pralines and caramels,

  7. Those delights perfect for decorating the surface of that scrumptious nut-crazy dessert, but

  8. Pecan pie may be so tempting that guests at Labor Day parties will want to take slices home as favors

  9. To savor at breakfast, brunch, or leftover parties of their own, so make extra always because

  10. There can never be enough pecan pie to keep the holiday nuts everyone knows 100% happy.

Be sure to consult the Food Network at for 72 recipes of delicious, delightful, dementing perfect pecan pie pleasures. 

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