Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lyrica Ad Captures US Nerve Pain

Lyrica Ad Captures US Nerve Pain

by Meg Curtis, PhD

An advertisement on TNT for Lyrica diabetic nerve pain medication proves how artful commercials can be. How did its creators time this masterpiece to coincide with the NERVE PAIN experienced by the US government? Edward Snowden had the nerve to report unlimited snooping by the NSA on both American friends and competitors for respect and power in the international arena. Immediately, the US experienced the pain described in the advertisement.

In this brief drama, a middle-aged woman announces her suffering with just the right pause before the critical phrase: "diabetic nerve pain." She is a familiar figure, who might be viewers' relative or neighbor. With her chubby cheeks and white sneakers, she implicity asks for our sympathy and reports the relief she experiences by taking Lyrica, as advised by her wonderful doctor. She pauses emphatically every time she speaks those lyrical words: "diabetic nerve pain."

Yes, the US government appears to have a problem adusting its sugar level, too. Does this suffering drive its leaders into a coma, where they claim they can't remember what they did or when they did it? Will their suffering be alleviated by dragging some Clinton or another out to claim: "What does it matter?" or "I feel your pain"? Dump all the sugar you want on the Edward Snowden catastrophe, and America still has one awful headache.

The worse part is that, simultaneously, viewers can't wait for the next dump of sugar into the media, claiming US intentions were only for the safety of their citizens when they intruded on every kingdom in the world—and US citizens find themselves experiencing new stress, for which Lyrica is the wrong medication. Will Obamacare provide the solution for this deeply internal conflict? Do its adminstrative categories include "Headache" and "Sugar, Sugar"?

That R and B classic might inspire exercise, like practice walking to the ballot box with too much on our minds. The happy woman in the advertisement describes the symptom we should watch for: "the buzzing of bees" in the feet. Unfortunately, she's not the only one to suffer initially from some disaster or other during the current siege of scandals in the US. Too many bees are still turning up dead. Song-and-dance routines didn't help them either, but exercise remains free and cheap. 

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