Friday, July 13, 2012

Football and Fantasies

by Meg Curtis, PhD

Louis Freeh's report on the Penn State scandal should release us, too, from football fantasies. Since Joe Paterno is probably dearer to a good portion of America than George Washington, however, that release probably will not come soon, if ever.

But one point needs to be clear above all others:  Football is NOT synonymous with corruption. It offers only one of many opportunities for the love of money and power to conquer integrity and decency. If PR professionals could convince takers to race for tickets to the library, then libraries would be the next casinos.

One other point in football's favor becomes ultra clear in this context:  This sport is not the only one to produce mental deficiencies. Apparently, wielding corporate power may be just as dangerous to the frontal lobes as catching down-field passes carried by 350 pound beasts.

And boys will not only be boys, as they say, around football fields. Their behavior around seminar tables and corporate watering holes can compete with the youngest, as well as the oldest, of the speedsters though life. If their children are to respect them, though, it's best to see them off to somewhere other than jail. 

Flash a picture of that memorial moment because the kids will live with it forever. When Father's Day weekends occur, Daddy will not be there. When daughters walk down the aisle, Daddy will not be there. And sons will learn to say: "Daddy's busy." That's the way kids live with it when Daddy goes away. 

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