Monday, May 7, 2012

Hollywood, Move Over! Here Comes Chen Guangcheng!

Hollywood, Move Over! Here Comes Chen Guangcheng!                                                                                      

By Meg Curtis

When Chen Guangcheng escaped house-arrest in China, with a brilliant scenario he leapt ahead of Hollywood’s Great Escape writers. On April 22, 2012, he managed his daredevil act while blind. He even broke three bones in his foot—and still outfoxed every hostile pursuer in a population of 1.3 billion.

Right now, Clint Eastwood is probably wondering: Why didn’t I think of that storyline? I could have starred in it, too! 

Chen will surely count among the greats in updates to Steven Novak’s “History’s Ten Greatest Prison Escapes” (  Never mind that China considered him a criminal, while the US lauds him as a hero. That double role lies at the heart of Novak’s compelling tales from Nazi death-camps, a Confederate prison, and even Stalin’s gulag.
This self-taught lawyer’s history as a civil rights activist in China also pushes him past the tawdry ingenuity of characters like “Bucky” Phillips. That American escape artist left jail by opening the tin roof of a kitchen with a can opener. “Bucky” was convicted of committing murder while staking out his former girlfriend’s residence ( =39219).

By contrast, Chen managed to produce TWO in-wedlock children in a country which outlaws excessive fertility, defined as ONE+. His latest adventures are available here: http://online. 3630404577387961407270728.html. But this question lurks in the future: If Chen comes to the US, is America ready for a creative thinker this successful at outwitting everybody and his communist brother?   

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